Why you should join Jharna Shah Academy?

Deciding to follow your passion is always a nerve-racking yet exciting task. And on this important and special journey, who you choose as your partners to help you become everything you’re meant to be, is the MOST daunting task of your life. If you’re an aspiring makeup artist and hairstylist that is looking for a way to fulfill your dreams, you’ve come to the right place! Jharna Shah Academy will help you turn your can’ts into cants and your dreams into plans! 

How, you ask? Well, that’s what this blog post is for! 

1. You get to train under Jharna Shah: one of the top bridal artists of the country.

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She believes in the power of beauty, she excels the art of imagination and above all she is an artist with vision! Ranking among the top 10 makeup artists, Jharna Shah’s beautifying art is all about striking a balance between ‘Perfect’ you on camera and ‘Gorgeous’ you in person. From being a renowned makeup artist and stylist herself, she envisioned to take her talent to the next level and started the Jharna Shah Make up and Hair Academy and this is how she gave the magic wands in the hands of many aspiring artists. One can measure her glory through the smiles she has spread and words of praises she has accumulated through her years in the Makeup & Hair styling world.

2. State of the art infrastructure

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At our academy, you get to have you your own personal workstation that you can use for all your needs while you’re learning, practising and envisioning your future goals. Our academy is specifically built to make sure that all our aspiring makeup artists get the most exquisite workspace.

3. Exposure to a wide range of makeup products

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Our academy offers a huge range of makeup collection that our students get to experience and learn with.

4. Detailed practice sessions

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Our trainers are one of the best in the industry that cater to every doubts and questions that our budding students raise. The amount of personal attention and detailed care that is given in our diploma courses are absolutely worth every penny.  

That’s all for today, folks! We hope to see you soon!
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