One Week HD & Airbrush

  • 40,000 INR


This is an intensive 5 days course, meant for those wishing to advance their skills in High Definition & Airbrush makeup

Professional Kit
The students are required to bring their own kits.

Practical Training
In order to excel as a professional we believe that hands on training are very important and as such Students will have to practice on each other during the courses. Also, they will be required to bring their models as and when informed by the Academy.


  • Orientation and welcome
  • Essential brushes, their uses and care
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Color theory
  • Analysis of different face shapes
  • Analysis of different facial features, their shapes & proportions
  • Product knowledge of HD & Air brush
  • Life span of cosmetics
  • How to build your vanity
  • prepping and priming
  • Introduction to HD Make up
  • Correcting & Concealing Techniques
  • Contouring, Blush & Highlighting
  • Steps for effective HD make up application
  • Product mixing techniques
  • Introduction to airbrush
  • Using Airbrush tools & equipment
  • Complete makeup application with airbrush


  • You can enroll by paying the full amount of the fees; you can either do a bank account transfer or visit the Academy and pay accordingly to your convenience.
  • Fees once paid would be non-refundable
  • The student is required to complete all formalities regarding enrollment , one week before the commencement of the course.