3 Weeks Professional Hairstyling Course 15 Days

  • 26th Sept. 2016
  • coming soon
  • 68700/-


This course is specially designed for those who are willing to start their career as hairstylist; throughout the course you will learn different hairstyles related to Bridals, Movies, television and shoots. This course covers almost all aspects of hairstyling apart from fashion and Avant grade. This course is best suited for beginners who wish to enhance their skills till the advance level.

Students have to practice on each other as well as the dummy
Hair dummies and Pin box each student has to get their own
For hairstyling, dummies are for practicing the homework given to you; during the class students will practice on each other.

The course would cover

  • Understanding hair textures
  • Analyzing the face structure to create a look
  • Various factors to be taken into consideration before deciding the hairstyle
  • Prepping and sectioning
  • Synchronization of the hair with make up
  • Backcombing techniques
  • How to use a tong machine, barrel tongs, conical tongs, crimping
  • Blow drying
  • Reception look/Sangeet look
  • How to use rollers
  • How to use hot rollers
  • Classic look
  • Vintage look
  • Bridal Buns
  • Glamour / Red Carpet
  • Retro Look
  • Braiding, twisters, fish plait, rope braid etc.
  • Tong curls & iron curls
  • Complete blow drying with root lifting
  • Messy braids and messy buns
  • How to work with a makeup artist in a team
  • Quick change in shoots
  • Products to use i.e. hairsprays, wax, mouse and how to use various styling gel

*50% on the day of booking the seat and rest 50% on the day of joining; you can either do a bank account transfer or visit the Academy and pay accordingly to your convenience.

*Fees once paid would be non refundable.