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Cleanup, Luxury Cleanup


Luxury Facial Spa,
Jharna Shah Signature Facial Spa,

Eye Treatment = Reduces Wrinkles, Puffiness
and Dark Circles

Nail Ritual ( Hands + Legs) French Nails, Gel Nails

Manicure, Pedicure: Basic Spa and Detanning

Polishing: Body Polishing, Detanning,
Steam Bath with Shower

Massage(includes Hair Pack): Classic, Head Spa,
High Frequency, Massager, Moisturizing Steam

(All our massages are inclusive of Essential Oils:
Lavender Oil, Tea Tree, Chamomile Oil,
Rich Feel Oil, Etc)

Note: Spa includes Whitening + Moisturizing

Spa Rituals

Hand Spa, Foot Spa
Back Spa, Body Spa ( Body Rituals)

Acne Treatment

Brightening + Oxygen + Refreshing – Treatments

Whitening and Purifying

Hair Spa

Classic Hair Spa, Purifying Hair Spa
Extensive Hair Therapy, Powder Dose

Pigmentation Treatment (Skin Polishing)